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Student Activities

Amundsen High School

 2018-2019 Club Information

Club Teacher Sponsor(s) Meeting Time Meeting Date Meeting Room
Art MacBeth 3pm Tuesdays 303
Taste the Difference Huddleston 3:15pm Tuesdays 313
Girls into Engineering club  Sarhan   First Monday of every month  215
Astronomy club Sarhan Lunch time for freshmen class 4th pr First Friday of the Month 215
Science Fair  Sarhan M-W-F  3-4 ( From October- May) 215
Yearbook Club Ms. Margaret Chow 3:05pm Wednesdays 113
Bridge Contest  Sarhan 4-Mar December 15- January 30 ( M-W-F) 215
Senior Student Council Welch 3:10pm 10/15, 11/7, 12/20, 1/16, 2/11, 3/20, 4/8, 5/15 115
Comics and Zines Club Ms. Riecke 3:15pm-4:30pm Monday 314
Boys and Girls Golf Thomas Catomer  4pm 10/10/18 Outside by baseball field
Metal Militia Greg Firak 3:15pm Every other Monday 201
Amundsen Guitar Club Greg Firak; Bill Miller 3:15pm Every Thursday 201
Peer Conferencing Hanus 3:30pm Wed/Thurs 209
Math team Prappas/Evans 3pm varies 123
Photography Club Robert Martinez 3:15pm - 4:00pm Friday's 303
Gay Straight Alliance Bravo 3:00pm-4:00 PM Thursdays 121
Conservation Club Mr. Doyiakos 3pm Wednesdays - As needed throughout the year 318
Ping-Pong Club Kyle Learn  3pm-4:30pm Thursdays Cafeteria 
Student Voice Student Voice Before and after school TBD 212
Yarn Artists Chaney Diamond, Laura Frcka 3:10pm Every Thursday except Staff Development Days 205
Anime Club Hitomi Kameyama 3:05pm-4:00pm Wednesdays 326